MrGreenhat is one of us…

Do you like GREEN?
Do you like to spend time taking care of your PLANTS?
Do you love your GARDEN? The various aromas of your YARD? The lovely green areas on your BALCONY?  

Are you a Garden or Balcony makeover enthusiast?  

Then MrGreenhat is YOU!  

You are the one, that when you take care of your plants, time seems to stop for a while. It helps you relax and reduce stress and escape your daily routine, keep your mind free, breathe again, and find peace.  

Generally, you love to make/do cool things with your hands, you feel comfortable with creative tasks and you do not mind getting your hands dirty with the soil.  

Are you a Garden or Balcony enthusiast? MrGreenhat is inside you.

About Me

MrGreenhat is also ME. My name is Marios and I am a child of nature,  with a profound  love for flowers, plants, soil and water. What started as a hobby turned out to become my profession as a Garden Landscaper. I am one of those people you can call a  “lucky hobbyist” - people whose passion became their profession.

We created MrGreenhat with the VISION to remind you of the contact you have with nature. With the soil, the water, the plants, the aromas and the colours of our GREEN world. To remind you of the greatness of nature which you love and that you did not forget even when you became an "urban child".

MrGreenhat is also here to inspire you to take short "Breathers"- Short breaks to reboot yourself in nature.  


So What do you think? Now is the right Time to be a MrGreenhat, isn’t it?