Grape: A Few Words About the Fruit of the God Dionysus

Grape: A Few Words About the Fruit of the God Dionysus

Marios Grogos
By Marios Grogos
April 22, 2021

Grape - the fruit of the god Dionysus

Grape (Vitis vinifera) has been considered since ancient times to be a fruit with beneficial properties and very useful in many applications. It is the fruit of the god Dionysus and has special ceremonies to honor its taste and the wine produced from it. Many strong economic forces in antiquity relied on the cultivation of grapes and the economic benefits they derived from its fruits and the wine produced from it.  

The nutritional value of Grape

Its nutritional value is particularly important for humans. It is rich in, vitamins A and C, as well as minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and iron. Its healing properties work for diseases such as indigestion, constipation, colitis, hemorrhoids, slowing down the aging of vision, and many other diseases. It also helps prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Grape - the fruit of the god Dionysus

Different types of grapes 

There are 3 types of grapes, the ones that are for wine, the raisin and the table ones that are for eating. Depending on the color, they are distinguished in white, red and black. More than 8,000 grape varieties have been recorded worldwide, of which around 450 varieties are grown in our country. Some varieties are: Merlot, Victoria, Cardinal, Muscat, Rhoditis, Savatiano, Sideritis, and Strawberry.

Pruning the vine

Pruning the vine is a surgical procedure and is done depending on the variety in the months of January to early March, depending on the variety and the region. In our country the cultivation of vines is found in the areas of Corinth, Crete, Eastern Attica, Drama, Halkidiki, and Cyclades. The fruits ripen from the beginning of August to the middle of October, depending on the region and the variety. 

The Greek vineyard occupies around 900,000 acres while the world vineyard size is about 80,000,000. From the processing of grapes, we create various derivatives such as vinegar, raki, grape juice, dessert, mustard flour. 

Grapes used in cosmetology

Grapes are also widely used in cosmetology. Its antioxidant properties help anti-aging of the skin and to fight cellulite.

Wine industry in Greece

In recent years, Greek wine has distinguished itself in the international arena. The wine industry has gained serious representatives and very serious efforts have been made to create competitive products with the great powers of the region such as France, Italy, Spain, Chile and South Africa. Many wineries in our country are open to the public and the tours offer an intoxicating experience.

Marios Grogos
Marios Grogos
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