Do-It-Yourself: Make a Difference Yourself, In Your Space

Do-It-Yourself: Make a Difference Yourself, In Your Space

Μάριος Γκρόγκος
Από Μάριος Γκρόγκος
23 Απριλίου, 2021

Make the difference yourself …  in your space!

Many times, the aesthetics in our space, and specifically in our garden or our balcony, can be differentiated with "tasteful" interventions that we can do ourselves.

With a few exceptions, it is difficult to find a specialist or decorator who can understand us 100% in how we would like a space -beautiful, simple or vice versa, with harmony in the colors and the volume of the plants- so that we may completely enjoy our moments of relaxation. This is why we must take action and try to put our own taste on the space.

In recent years, the wooden pallet has been widely used for decorating the house, both internally, as a living room table or sofa, and externally, as a bench or table.

Wooden pallet

Our proposal is to cover large surfaces, such as walls, by placing pallets painted in various shades.  

How is it done?

• We choose the pallet we want; we prefer the type of "euro pallet" which has better construction and better wood.

• Then with sandpaper we mainly sand the surfaces that will be visible, and after wiping very well, we start to paint our palette. It will take at least 3 coats because this wood absorbs a large amount of paint. You can also apply a colorless varnish to protect the wood.

• After our pallet dries, we cut 2 boards 10 cm thick, paint them and place them on the back side of the pallet with screws.

• We choose plastic pots in a color that matches the color of our palette and we make 2 holes in their bottom.

• We screw our pots in the pallet using one hole, we use the other hole to drain the pot.

• We choose flower plants or cacti and place them with their pot in our screwed pots and our construction is ready.


How can we make a bench with 2 logs?

It is amazingly easy to create a living room in our garden, the cost is negligible, but it will take a little manual work.  

In winter, a lot of municipalities prune the trees, especially the trees that are vulnerable to weather conditions such as strong winds.

  • One of these trees is the eucalyptus, we choose 2 pieces of trunk which are almost at the same height, if not we cut them with a saw. Eucalyptus has an incredibly soft trunk and can be worked very easily; with a chisel and a hammer we start and create 2 recesses on one side of each trunk.
  • Then we choose 2 small beams or "lats" and sand them with sandpaper, if we want, we can paint them for better durability of the wood and for a beautiful aesthetic result.
  • We test if each lat fits in the hole of the log on both sides and our bench-sitting is ready.


Creating shelves on our wall

Many times, the image of a wall, especially in the space where we spend many hours in the summer, such as the terrace or the garden, is less than desirable. One solution is to paint it in a color that warms or cools our space. We can use the green element created with quite simple materials and inexpensive shelves where we will place small pots with flowers.

  • We study the space and after measuring it we go to buy our materials: deck boards (they have better strength), metal angles at least 7x7 cm, wood screws and if we want to paint the boards we choose the colors.
  • On our wall we mark with a pencil and spirit level where the holes will be made in our wall; we screw our corners and then we screw our boards on the metal corners.
  • We do not place heavy pots on the shelves because we must consider the weight  when the soil in the pots is wet.
  • Our construction is ready and at a low cost we have transformed an intolerable  wall.

The financial crisis has affected many things in our daily lives, one of them is our mood, but this cannot stand in the way of being able to create harmony in our space by ensuring calm and relaxation in the few hours we have free time. And we can achieve this financially and with our own taste! Try it!

Μάριος Γκρόγκος
Μάριος Γκρόγκος
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